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Tips when renting speakers

What to think about when hiring loudspeakers


When you want to rent speakers, you should consider the following factors:

1. Purpose:

Determine the purpose of the event, such as a concert, conference or wedding, to ensure the right type and number of loudspeakers are selected.

2. Location:

Consider the size and acoustics of the venue, including the distance between the speakers and the audience, to ensure adequate coverage and sound quality.

3. Power requirements:

Check the power source and availability of power outlets at the equipment location, as well as the power handling capability of the loudspeakers and any amplifiers. Tip If you are unsure, consult an electrician or sound technician.

4. Make and model:

Research the different makes and models of speakers available for rent and compare their specifications, such as volume, sound quality, frequency response, sensitivity and power handling. A general tip is that the better speakers cost more.

5. Price:

Compare prices from different rental companies and check that the cost fits your budget. Tip, check whether the prices include or exclude VAT.

6. Delivery and installation:

Check whether delivery, installation and removal of the loudspeakers are included in the rental cost and/or whether additional charges may apply.

7. Support:

Inform yourself that technical support is available if needed. Good tip = An emergency number to call for quick contact when something doesn't work.