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Rent Karaoke - Tips & Advice

Things to think about before renting karaoke


"What do you need for karaoke?" is a recurring question we get. Normally, our simple tip is "rent a good complete sound system". The rest of the necessary equipment is usually already at home or at work, i.e. a Laptop/computer (which will be your karaoke machine) and internet connection.

If you want to rent Karaoke, tips for a cheap solution:

1. Sound quality:

Check that your Laptop delivers good sound quality and sufficient volume in its audio output (Tip: usually 3.5mm headphone output) to be connected to your sound system. If you use your own speakers, they should not be too small in size.

2. Song Selection:

The number of good songs for karaoke varies between different apps and programs that provide karaoke songs. Consider how large a range you need. Tip: If you only want to sing for a short while, maybe the karaoke songs that you can find via will suffice. If you are thinking of a whole evening of singing, a larger selection is needed. Then you can, for example, rent karaoke songs via for a cheap penny. These songs are easily selected and played in your browser.

3. User Interface:

Choose a song provider (you can easily find them online, search via Google) that you think displays a good and intuitive interface for selecting songs. Read the reviews of the different providers to get an idea of ​​their popularity. Both good and bad are on the market = Test run! Most important, in addition to number of songs, is good sound quality and that the music flows without stuttering or distortion.

4. Installation of equipment:

If you are going to rent a sound system with microphones for karaoke, you will receive a briefing from your sound company + instructions on how everything is connected. It's usually not difficult. Some audio rentals have good information about connection via their websites. Tip: see example: How to connect an audio system. Your Laptop can usually be connected to your TV or Projector, for a larger image, so that everyone can watch and sing together. The size of the sound system is dimensioned according to the size of the room, the number of listeners, the number of simultaneous singers, etc. Tip: If you pick up/drop off the audio equipment yourself from an audio company, the cost will be considerably lower than if you order delivery & installation.

5. Cost of rental:

The cost varies and depends, among other things, on the quality and size of the sound system you want to rent. See example: Rent Sound system. Microphones + cord are usually cheap. Wireless microphones usually cost between SEK 300-500/pc. If you don't have your own laptop/computer to use as a karaoke machine, you can also rent it. Tip: Always compare different audio companies' prices and which service is included. It usually pays off.

6. Customer support:

Make sure that the company where you will rent the sound system, + possibly other equipment, offers adequate customer support if you have questions or encounter problems. Good tip = An emergency number to call in case of trouble. Also check which rental period applies and that there are no additional costs. Check how big the late fee is if you don't return the equipment on time according to the agreement.

Clarification/info: In the past you usually had a Karaoke machine into which you inserted CDs or a Karaoke machine with a built-in speaker for cassette tapes etc. solutions. And who doesn't remember Singstar (karaoke machine in Playstation 2) or UltraStar (karaoke machine for PC) where you could also compete against each other 😊 Due to internet, a karaoke machine with software can now be found on your computer or online via a website. Even your mobile phone becomes a karaoke machine with the right app installed.